Wellness initiatives quench burnout

Even the brightest stars burn out. Companies who want their stars to keep shining invest in employee wellness.

Harvard Business Review reported a recent Deloitte survey of 1,000 full-time employees in the United States that found 77 percent of employees experienced burnout at their current jobs. Shockingly, while 87 percent of respondents said they “have passion for their job,” they still felt overwhelming stress at times. Of the most highly engaged workers, 64 percent said they were frequently stressed.

wellness coach Belu Caia
Belu Caia

Belu Caia, peoplepath.io’s wellness coach, shares her strategies for beating burnout.

“Burnout in the workplace is unfortunately common,” she said. “A simple tool to fight it back is to set a little time for yourself. The way we deal with our work calendar to schedule meetings, we can schedule little breaks to help us organize our daily tasks. You cannot think straight after long hours of work without stopping. And, sometimes, we don’t even notice how long we have been working. Being aware of this helps you work smart.”

To facilitate breaks, Caia hosts remote yoga and meditation sessions each week. “peoplepath.io online yogaIn peoplepath.io, we offer guided meditation breaks on Mondays, virtual yoga sessions twice a week, and on-demand clips to allow the team to customize their practices whenever they need them,” she said.

Nicolas Luchi, peoplepath.io tech sourcer, takes advantage of the meditation classes. “While I’ve always tried to meditate or actively look for relaxing moments in my daily life, I do not always have the personal proactiveness to do it but myself (and don´t have deep knowledge about how to do it),” he said. “I found a special moment for myself in Belu’s meditation sessions where I can make a stop, connect with my body, respiration, or present moment, and reduce my mental or physical tension. I finish the sessions energized and less connected with tiredness.”

Senior Technical Recruiter Victoria Marian enjoys the yoga classes. “Yoga has helped me grow my mind, body and soul. I felt an improvement of my muscular flexibility as well as a sense of tranquility and peace after each session,” she said. “The breathing exercises and some postures helped a lot with back pains that appear from sitting down all day. I recommend joining these sessions because it’s a game changer”

Caia also encourages soothing practices while working, such as listening to your favorite music or setting your workstation appropriately. “It is relaxing to sit near a window, in a clean space, with all the right tools you need to work comfortably,” she said. “Get some water to prevent dehydration, and any other items that may put you in a good mood.”

A big part of Caia’s role is to create a culture of wellness to improve our engagement in projects. “We set outings to meet and talk about other topics more than work,” she said. “We try to build a permanent dialogue between new team members from day one in our meet-and-greet sessions. We support them in establishing human networks they can use whenever they need. It could turn into just a 15-minute call to check-up. It could be a prep call before an important meeting or any other strategy the coaching team can take to improve our people’s experience at work.”

Since 2020, Caia has been tackling the ever-changing challenge of remote work. “To have an acceptable work-life balance, we need to be mindful when setting priorities and achievable short-term goals,” she said. “Being organized is alright. Being flexible is mastery. Some weeks we need more focus at work, and, in some others, we need our creativity to flow. Checking in from time to time is a perfect discipline to keep from burning out.”

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