Focus on what is within your control

Well, the stock market is a roller-coaster, parents are Mad Max-ing over formula, inflation is an ever-expanding balloon, and companies are freezing hiring or laying folks off, so what can we do about these Situations Beyond Our Control (SBOCs)?

Babs Russo
Babs Russo

I spoke with Babs Russo,’s Managing Director for Business Development and Professional Development Coach, about the state of the business world and the challenges ahead. She encourages a shift in mind-set to frame, define and focus on Situations Within Our Control (SWOCs).

“The global economy is in a major state of flux,” she said. “Companies are taking a breath and, in some cases, a step back to regroup and assess their economic positions.”

What other companies do is beyond our control, the SBOCs. “We need to be ready to meet the new challenges these economic shifts bring with a proactive and holistic approach,” Russo said. “That means supporting our teams working with existing clients as their needs change, and tackling the new challenges our incoming clients bring.”

The SWOCs are how we continue to provide amazing client services, she said. “Our clients know this, and as a result, continue to fill our pipeline with new business. That’s where we need to keep our focus. Delivering and driving results, that’s within our control.”

A recent survey of current and former clients revealed the extraordinary strengths of the teams, Russo said. “Not only did we learn more about what our clients value, we gained insight into how to meet their changing hiring needs. That’s the key. In times like these, you have to listen and focus on what is working, and what your clients need.”

The best thing employees can do is bring their A-game every day, she said. “We are built to be flexible and adaptable. What we do best for our clients is to be their trusted advisor and partner. Supporting them through this will continue to be our focus.” delivers searches in engineering, product, and people leadership. We are a client-focused recruiting firm, and deliver top candidates quickly.

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