Diversity & Inclusion Hiring Experts

Peoplepath is a woman, underrepresented & LGBTQIA+ owned company that empowers and appreciates differences while consciously striving to diversify our teams. “It was founded on the belief that hiring a diverse team leads to better results, decisions, and ideas. Nowadays it is part of our core” said Anne Evans, our Co-Founder & CRO.
With a culture of D&I at the core, Peoplepath is rooted in supporting our people’s career journey, from recruiting talent in new ways to helping them develop inclusive leadership skills, covering our client needs, and focusing on being a change maker within the business and in society.

Our Society is built by people with diverse backgrounds. Diversity and proper inclusion provide a powerful tool and different points of view: perspective, increased creativity, more innovation, higher engagement, and better hiring results. As our Co-founder & COO Emma Valdivia said: “We need to be different to have several points of view; we need several points of view to have a better perspective. With a better perspective, we will reach our potential”.

The terms “diversity and inclusion” are frequently used in the same sentence, they are distinct yet complementary components of the same philosophy. When combined, diversity and inclusion may dramatically improve the culture of your business. 

Many difficulties might appear when integrating a diverse workforce. D&I recruitment practices need to start from the top. That’s why we implement different processes to ensure a sustainable inclusion culture. For us, D&I is about ensuring that our current, and potential employees, and hundreds of clients worldwide experience Peoplepath as a welcoming and inclusive workplace.

We continue to ground our work around D&I in three strategic pillars: our workforce (who and how we hire), workplace (how it feels when you are here), and marketplace (how we intentionally include our clients and the communities we’re in).

Our executive leadership team supports these initiatives, and here’s how:

  • We launched our Annual Pulse Survey to provide in-depth insights into whether our company is making people from different backgrounds feel accepted without any form of discrimination.
  • Our hiring teams are continuously trained with tactics and strategies they can apply when filling job requisitions. Diversity training is an essential step in achieving that goal. Training helps employees become more aware of unconscious bias and other barriers, and motivates positive behaviors and attitudes.
  • We have D&I leaders that oversee the strategy and implementation.
  • We constantly share through our D&I channel relevant awareness days. This promotes our culture and strengthens our recruiting results, understanding that different sexual orientations, races, and ethnicities are not obstacles; quite the opposite; they are qualifying experiences.
  • Our motto is: Know our clients and what they are looking for, source candidates in different places, and be aware of our unconscious bias.
  • We foster a culture that is comfortable with open communication and feedback.

We believe everyone deserves a place to feel safe, respected, and loved for who they are. At Peoplepath we welcome everybody with open arms, authenticity and brightness, whilst empowering the greater good with our commitment to D&I.


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