BA in Art Direction


I’m also a professional singer. I’ve been working as a session singer and as a backing vocalist for local and international artists.

Vicky Racedo

Branding & Design Specialist

I consider myself a multi-disciplinary person. My journey as a freelance Art Director & Graphic Designer started in 2009 with my Argentinian bikini brand. I have been working as a creative content creator ever since. Especially within the art industry.
Being surrounded by a tech environment got me really interested in getting to know a bit more about this amazing world. That’s why three years ago I started working as a freelance Sourcer for a local consulting tech agency. In April 2022 Peoplepath came along and provided me with the opportunity to explore and merge both worlds.
I am now our Branding & Design Specialist. I am considered the “branding ninja” in charge of creating content and maintaining Peoplepath’s identity alignment, both internally and externally.


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