Everything health and wellness, house renovations and hanging with my loved ones.

Barbara Madden

VP of Customer Experience & Strategy

My early career was on the business side at a college health startup, leading and scaling various teams. This led to a successful acquisition at a Fortune 100 company, Aetna/CVS Health, where I assumed the role of Head of Customer Operations. I transitioned to recruiting about 6 years ago combining my deep desire to mentor teams and build effective hiring strategies. I have a genuine passion for encouraging folks to work effectively together despite any obstacles or adversity. My greatest reward is seeing our teams grow and develop and add value, however, we can, whether it’s with early-stage or enterprise clients.
Today at Peoplepath, I focus on developing account leadership teams and advising clients on best practices. My role continues to evolve as the market and client’s needs change during pivotal moments. I collaborate, advise and negotiate every day. And celebrate - the art of working together.

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